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New York Birds The website and film explores the interface between exotic captive birds and their human caretakers.

Mozartland What the ABC's are to Sesame Street, Do Re Mi is to Mozartland. Its blend of music, art, science and fantasy helps developing minds benefit from the "Mozart Effect", giving them classical education with a 21st century twist.

The Temple Beautiful presents unifying and empowering approaches to health, beauty and welfare.

Showcase features Ground Zero.1 artist Salvador Rosillo's harrowing 9/11 experience as witnessed through video and paintings from Ground Zero. Also Roses and Nightingales a photographic journey through revolutionary Iran.

Shadow of the Moon This feature length screenplay is a cross between Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt and Suspicion- Shadow of the Moon jolts the traditional thriller genre with spiritual power.

The Other Side of Joy pulls you into a story of obsession, denial and mental illness. Directed by Randi Hoffmann, the film features musical legend Odetta, cinematography by Lisa Rinzler, and music by Scarlet Rivera and Tommy Eyre.

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