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Once upon a time many years ago lived a brother and sister who performed music for kings and queens. Nannerl and her younger brother, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart loved their music but they had to work very hard.   Each night when they fell asleep they wished they’d have just a little more time to play.

One wonderful night in answer to their prayers, three fairies appear to them.  Melody, Radiance and Silence beckon the children to a secret and enchanted world, which young Amadeus promptly names Mozartland.   Meet Luna, the ethereal goddess, Donar, the ancient wise Oak, and Sigmundine, the inscrutable mermaid. Flower, the lovable narcissist, keeps company with Donar and Pan, the god of nature with music in his soul. More...


This is the view from The Temple Beautiful, a name and concept inspired by renowned seer, Edgar Cayce.

Makers of The Survival Bag, The Temple Beautiful embraces an integrative approach to health, beauty and welfare completely compatible with any medical care.


"The moon is shaking",
a child cries, beginning the story of Shadow of the Moon, a subversive thriller poised between the power of love and grievance of revenge. A girl's life becomes endangered when she intuits her uncle's murderous past. Inspired by Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, and Suspicion, Shadow of the Moon jolts the traditional thriller genre with its spiritual power.



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