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Roses and Nightingales is part of a larger project of the same name, documenting the land and people of Iran during and after its revolution. The filmmaker, Randi Hoffmann, worked and lived in Iran throughout the hostage crisis in 1979 and 1980, traveling extensively throughout the country. This beautiful, sun drenched land where roses grow freely and nightingales sing in the orchards is truly a land of "Roses and Nightingales."

Do you have any contemporary photos or media that capture the complexity of Iran? To submit, please contact info@sweetmarieproductions.com.

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Renowned artist Salvador Rosillo challenges Osama Bin Laden through his art, as reflected in his series, Ground Zero.1. From his corner loft on the corner of Reade and Church, adjacent to the site of the World Trade Center, Salvador witnessed the destruction of the twin towers up close and personal. As he watched, transfixed at the window, he felt his life become surreal as his world literally dissolved around him.

Check back soon for smp's showcase of GroundZero.1.

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